Create Passport Photos from Smartphones and Tablets like iPhone, Android and iPad

Now with the updated you can create passport photos and other required ID photos from your Smart Devices, these include smartphones and tablets of Android, Windows phone, and iOS. This means you can use your iPad, iPhone, HTC or Samsung or other latest smartphones and tablets to use The flexibility allows you to … Read more Create Passport Photos from Smartphones and Tablets like iPhone, Android and iPad

Passport Photo Guidelines

While you take pictures for your passport photos, please be aware of the guidelines mentioned below.

PS: Once you have taken the perfect picture, go to to make upto 40+  high quality 300dpi passport photos in a single paper at no cost.

The basics

  • The size of the image varies from country to country. Check our suggested links for your country’s standards.
  • Good quality colour on high quality paper, with no ink or marks on the image
  • Plain, light-coloured background (e.g. cream, pale blue or white)
  • Appropriate brightness and contrast and show your skin tones naturally
  • Uniform lighting (no shadows across or behind the face), sharp focus and clear.

perfect passport photo

Printing Tips

Once you have taken the perfect passport picture from, at no cost – you may follow the following guideliness to print them at home.

Tip 1: Good Pictures Give Good Prints

This tip is pretty obvious. If you have taken photo using a VGA camera you cannot expect the passport photo to be of high quality either. A “2 mega-pixel” photo is decent enough to get you a good passport photo. Anything more is an advantage.

Tip 2: Is your picture with defects? is it too dark? unfocused?

Check the photo itself to ensure there are no specks or noise. If there are, use your favorite photo editor to remove them if possible. Adjust the brightness, hue, saturation to your satisfaction before uploading it here. Make a backup copy before doing this.

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