How to make a perfect baby passport photo from home?

taking baby passport photo

This guide contains everything you need to know about baby passport photo. Baby passport photo requirements: Do’s & Don’ts How to take baby passport photos? And, how to edit and download passport photo online. Where and how to print. With that, here are the step-by-step process for creating a perfect passport photo for a baby. … Read more

Create a single/individual passport photo for online applications

We have now added a feature to get a single passport photo for online applications. There are few online forms be it college admission or visa submission or job application where they use chairs covers for the interviews installations, these applications sometimes require a single/individual photo of the right size. So we create this new feature … Read more

How to print true 6×4 photos at home – without a borderless printer

After getting your passport photo from you might need to print the photo yourself or at at drug store. If you are printing the photo yourself you can print them easily without even a borderless printer. When output-dimension critical photos like passport or visa photos, it is very important that your print-out size remains as expected. Now in … Read more