How to make a perfect baby passport photo from home?

This guide contains everything you need to know about baby passport photo.


  • Baby passport photo requirements: Do’s & Don’ts

  • How to take baby passport photos?

  • And, how to edit and download passport photo online.

  • Where and how to print.


With that, here are the step-by-step process for creating a perfect passport photo for a baby.

Baby passport photo requiremets

Before taking a passport photo of your baby, your first step is to know some of the common requirements formulated by every country for a baby passport photo.


These are some of the key rules that you must remember and to follow while taking a baby passport photo.

Things you should follow

When taking the passport photo.


  • The baby should face straight into the camera showing the full face with both the ears visible in the photo.

  • The baby’s face should have a neutral look.

  • Both the eyes of the baby should be open and visible clearly in the photo. 

  • The background for the baby passport photo should be white or any other light colors such as pale yellow, pale blue.

  • The photo should be clear and of high quality.

  • Taking passport photos in a bright room is encouraged to avoid any shadows in the face or the background.

Things you should look out for

  • The baby should neither open the mouth nor smile in the passport photo.
  • The baby should not close the eyes.

  • External objects such as a toy or a parent hand should not be present in the passport photo.

  • The baby should not look away from the camera.

  • A dark background is not encouraged in a passport photo.

  • Shadows should not be present in the face or the background of the passport photo.

baby passport photo requirements

Tips for taking a baby passport photo

It can be challenging for us to take a passport photo for a baby as they are prone to move their bodies.


However, we need to put some extra efforts to get the baby’s attention towards the camera.


Here are some of the tips to take baby passport photos better.

Placing the baby

At first, we need to place the child in a high baby chair covered with a solid sheet. In the case of a newborn, place a plain blanket on the floor and lay the infant on it.

Baby's position for passport photo

Placement of the camera

To take a better passport photo, place the camera at about 1.5 meters away from the baby.

Placement of the camera

Attract attention towards the camera

Attract the child attention towards the camera by entertaining them.


Note: Do not over entertain the baby as it will make them smile in the photo. 

Attract baby's attention

If your baby needs to be supported, then ask someone to hold the baby’s head with 3 fingers by placing their hand under the back of the baby shirt.

Give support to baby's head


Place a light source in front of the baby to avoid shadows in their face, shoulders or the background.

Choose the best photo for editing

Do not limit yourself by taking just a single photo. Take at least 3 or 4 photos and choose the best out of them while editing.

Choose the photo for editing

Here is a video tutorial on “how to take a baby passport photo at home”.

Edit your baby passport photo online

Editing passport photo online

Don’t worry about the editing process we got you covered. 

Here at, you can edit and download passport photos of your baby online according to your country’s requirement.

You can upload, edit and download your passport photo by following these 3 easy steps.


  • Visit, select your preferred photo size, paper size to be printed and upload the photo.

  • Crop the photo as per your country’s requirement.

  • Click the download button to download the edited photo in passport photo format.

Where & how to print the photo

After you’ve finished editing, you need to print the passport photo. Printing the photo can be done either by printing it from a studio or printing the photo from home.

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