U.S passport photo requirements: 10 important rules to know

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Passport photo an overview

U.S passport photo

A passport photo or ID photo is a photograph of a person which portrays the face and other facial features of that person. 


When applying for a government photo ID such as a driving license or a passport, you must include these photos for face identification.


These photo Id’s is often used to show the person’s identity and also as a credential to showcase their nationality.


Every country has a set of rules on their passport photos for different documentation.


Similar to every country, U.S passport photo also has some rules for their documents and will be discussed further.

U.S passport photo sizes for different documents

Here are some of the document types in the U.S, along with accurate passport photo sizes.

Document TypeSize in cmSize in mmSize in InchBackground
US Visa5.08x5.08 cm58x58 mm2x2 InchWhite Background
US Passport5.08x5.08 cm58x58 mm2x2 InchWhite Background
US Green Card (Permanent Resident)5.08x5.08 cm58x58 mm2x2 InchWhite Background
US Citizenship5.08x5.08 cm58x58 mm2x2 InchWhite Background
US Employment Authorization5.08x5.08 cm58x58 mm2x2 InchWhite Background
US NY Gun License3.8x3.8 cm38x38 mm1.5x1.5 InchWhite Background

These are the list of different types of documents along with its accurate passport photo sizes in the U.S.

U.S passport photo requirements

Here are the U.S passport photo requirements you should follow before taking a passport photo. they are,


  • The photo should be colored, and the size should be 2×2 Inches (51mmx51mm).

  • The height of the head can measure from 1 inch to 1 3/8 inch or 50-70% of the passport photo.

  • The photo should be clear and of good quality.

  • Head should not be covered unless for religious reasons, but the full face of the person should be visible from the top of the forehead to the bottom of the chin.

  • All the vital parts of the face should be visible, including the ears.

  • The expression of the photo should be neutral.

U.S passport photo size

Typical U.S passport photo size measurement

Things you should do

  • The photo should have the front view, full face with the eyes opened.
  • It should present full head from the top of the head to the bottom of the chin.
  • The background of the photo should be plain white, off white with the head within the center of the frame.
  • The person can wear eyeglasses if he/she has some disorders in the eyes.

Things we shouldn't do

  •  The photo should not contain any distracting shadows on the face or the background.
  • Glare should not be present on eyeglasses if the person uses one in the photo.
  • Dark shade glasses should not be used while taking a passport photo.
  • The hair should not cover the eyes.
  • The person’s face should focus on the camera.
U.S passport photo requirements

These are the rules and requirements that everyone in the U.S must follow to meet the standards of an Ideal U.S passport photo.

U.S passport photo tool

Creating the U.S passport photo With its accurate size and requirement can be done easily with the help of a passport photo tool.


At makepassportphoto.com, we provide a tool where you can align, edit and download the passport photo for free.


You can download up to 40+ passport photos in a single print and get high-quality passport photo for free in high resolution (300 dpi).


You can create U.S passport photo in just a few minutes without any need for knowledge on photoshop. You can create a perfect U.S passport photo by following these steps.

Creating U.S passport photo online using our passport photo tool

  1.  Take a passport photo from a smartphone or a camera in the correct dimension & requirements.
  2. Visit www.makepassportphoto.com and click on create a photo.
  3. Select the phototype, dimension, photo sheet, upload the photo.
  4. Crop the photo as per the U.S requirements, if you want to change the brightness, contrast you can do it too.
  5. Finally, download the edited passport photo.
  6. You can now print your passport photo according to the country requirement.
Here is a video tutorial on how to create those passport photos

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