How to print passport photo at home? 5 simple tips

Admit it, Printing a passport photo can be tough. Sometimes the size of the passport photo differs or straight-up being inaccurate when printed at home. The other obvious option you’ll look for is a guide for “How to print passport photo at home?” on google. But, most printing guides out there are bland and miss … Read more

How to print true 6×4 photos at home – without a borderless printer

After getting your passport photo from you might need to print the photo yourself or at at drug store. If you are printing the photo yourself you can print them easily without even a borderless printer. When output-dimension critical photos like passport or visa photos, it is very important that your print-out size remains as expected. Now in … Read more

Printing Tips

Once you have taken the perfect passport picture from, at no cost – you may follow the following guideliness to print them at home.

Tip 1: Good Pictures Give Good Prints

This tip is pretty obvious. If you have taken photo using a VGA camera you cannot expect the passport photo to be of high quality either. A “2 mega-pixel” photo is decent enough to get you a good passport photo. Anything more is an advantage.

Tip 2: Is your picture with defects? is it too dark? unfocused?

Check the photo itself to ensure there are no specks or noise. If there are, use your favorite photo editor to remove them if possible. Adjust the brightness, hue, saturation to your satisfaction before uploading it here. Make a backup copy before doing this.

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