What to wear for passport photos? 10 simple tips

When looking at this topic, you might think “does it matters to pay attention to these things when taking a passport photo?”


But the sad truth is yes!!! You should pay a lot of attention to it.



There are certain rules derived by every country on what to wear for passport photos. And countries like the U.S and U.K are providing strict guidelines for their passport photos and don’t hesitate to reject the applications if you fail to meet the requirements.


Here at makepassportphoto.com, we’ve been helping people to make their passport photos online since 2011 which means we deal with a lot of passport photos.


With over 4.7 million photos served, we have come up with the optimal dress codes for a passport photo that will help you to avoid application rejections.


From this blog, you’ll learn more on


  • What to wear for passport photos?

  • Things you should avoid

  • How to get perfect passport photos more easily?


So, let’s dive right in

Things which are allowed in a passport photo

For a passport photo to be valid, A person has to follow these dress codes to avoid any rejections. Below are the things you should follow whenever you take a passport photo.

Regular dresses

what to wear for passport photo

A person taking a passport photo should always wear dresses that he/she wears them regularly that means you can wear any casual dress of your choice for a passport photo. Uniforms or any other similar dress codes are not allowed for passport photos.

Dark shaded dresses

Every country prefers a light coloured background for their passport photo. So, you should always choose a dark shaded dress to contrast the background.

Religious attires

Religious attire on a passport photo

If you wear any religious attires like a hijab or a turban regularly then, you can take passport photos wearing them. But, the attire should not cover any vital parts of your face.

A hearing aid or other similar devices

hearing aid

If a person wears a hearing aid or similar devices regularly then, they can wear those devices while taking passport photos.

Things you should avoid

While we talk about the things you can wear on a passport photo, there are certain things you should avoid. Below are the things we should avoid in passport photos.


Glasses on a passport photo

Most of the countries do not recommend people to wear glasses for their passport photos. It doesn’t matter if you wear them regularly.


Only if the person who has recently undergone a recent surgery in the eye can have an exception to it but, they have to submit a letter from a trained physician to the authorities.

Hats or other headgears

Hats on a passport photo

The person should not wear any hat or other headgears other than religious attires like the hijab, turbans, etc. Any other headgears in the passport photo may lead to rejection of your application.

Hairstyle covering the face

Hair covering the eye

While you style your hair when taking a passport photo, make sure that your hair should not cover the vital parts of the face like the eyes or the ears, which can lead to rejections.

Old photos

Before attaching the passport photo in any application, make sure that the photo taken is within 6 months to portray your current appearance.

Headphones and other accessories

Accessories such as headphones or any other smart devices should not be present in the passport photo.

The simplest way to get perfect passport photos

As we went through some of the dressing etiquettes for a passport photo we now will discuss on the simplest way to create a perfect passport photo.


After several years in this business, we have come up with a new feature where you can automatically crop and check the photo requirements with the help of an AI.


It is very simple to use. You can crop and have a compliance check in few seconds by following these easy steps,


  • Visit makepassportphoto.com and select the country & document type then select the AI feature option.

  • Now, upload the photo you have taken and wait for a few seconds until the AI does its job.

  • A free preview of your uploaded image will pop up, with automatically Corrected Background and facial biometrics.

  • You can cross-examine the preview image by downloading it for free.

  • If you are happy with the results, you can go ahead and buy the complete set.

  • It includes 7 printable photo paper images and 2 digital images for online applications in high resolution.


Here is a video tutorial on how our AI works effectively to make your perfect passport photos.

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