Create a single/individual passport photo for online applications

We have now added a feature to get a single passport photo for online applications. There are few online forms be it college admission or visa submission or job application where they use chairs covers for the interviews installations, these applications sometimes require a single/individual photo of the right size. So we create this new feature … Read more

Create passport/id photos with borders

We have added an option in to let you can create passport photos with borders. You can now have borders around your passport photos that will look great on your mobile application. Below is how the option will look like in Please note that borders are not required at all, except for some … Read more

[Update] Now we officially support even more countries

In continuation with our efforts to serve all our customers we have covered passport photo specifications for more countries. Now from you create new passport photos for Hungary , Italy, Thailand, Peru, UAE (United Arab Emirates) and Ukraine If your country is not there in the list in our website, please comment here and … Read more


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