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Create single/individual passport photo for online applications

Create single/individual passport photo for online applications

We have now added a feature to get a single passport photo for online applications. There are few online forms be it college admission or visa submission or job application which require a single/individual photo of the right size. So we create this new feature for you guys.

You can do this by

  1. Go to
  2. Select “Individual/Single Photo” in paper sizepaper-individual
  3. You can select other options for your needs.

Enjoy! Please comment if you need more such features.

How to print true 6×4 photos at home – without a borderless printer

How to print true 6×4 photos at home – without a borderless printer

After getting your passport photo from you might need to print the photo yourself or at at drug store. If you are printing the photo yourself you can print them easily without even a borderless printer.

When output-dimension critical photos like passport or visa photos, it is very important that your print-out size remains as expected. Now in windows 7,8,10 you can easily do this within seconds without much of an hassle. You don’t need any third party tools, and this method will help you to print border-less 6×4 photos even if you don’t have a border-less printer.

To do this:

  1. You need
  2. 1. Windows 7 or windows 10
  3. 2. A printer
  4. 3. A4/Letter size photo paper


  1. 1. Goto to My Computer and locate the photo you want to print
  2. 2. Right click the photo and select print, you should see print dialog box

printing on a4 from windows

3. Select the three important parameters

  • 2 printing on a4 from windows
  • Paper size: A4/Letter, etc
  • Layout       : 4×6 in (2) 2.1 printing on a4 from windows
  • Number of copies: 2

4. Final Step: Click print

Congratulations!! Thats it. Your hard copy should remain the same size as 6×4 when printed.

Passport Photo Guidelines

Passport Photo Guidelines

While you take pictures for your passport photos, please be aware of the guidelines mentioned below.

PS: Once you have taken the perfect picture, go to to make upto 40+  high quality 300dpi passport photos in a single paper at no cost.

The basics

  • The size of the image varies from country to country. Check our suggested links for your country’s standards.
  • Good quality colour on high quality paper, with no ink or marks on the image
  • Plain, light-coloured background (e.g. cream, pale blue or white)
  • Appropriate brightness and contrast and show your skin tones naturally
  • Uniform lighting (no shadows across or behind the face), sharp focus and clear.